"Let's Build HOPE Together" ~ We're raising $500,000

Please partner with us by giving to help us build!

Mortgage Payoff ~ Helps us to put more funds back into our community through projects and programs.

New Roof ~ Necessary to open our resources and empowerment center to serve our community.



Our kitchen will help us fight hunger by feeding our community and the homeless.

Gathering Place 

Our Gathering place will help us build self-esteem, confidence and courage through music, art and drama programs that will enhance the community,

Geraldine's Closet 

Geraldine's closet offers free clothes to help clothe our community.

Empowerment Classrooms 

Our classrooms allow us to teach life skills to our community to be productive.

Feeding Space 

Our feeding space will give us space to fight hunger and feed our community.

Outside beautification 

Beautifying our outside will bring hope and teach gardening and planting.

Goal $250,000 ~ Raised $10,500.00


2021 GRANTS RECEIVED ~ Thank you to our wonderful grantors!

TC Energy ~$5,000  Riding Community Resources.

Walmart Store #1687~$500.00 Community Resources.

Walmart Store  #1682~ $1,000.00~ Youth Empowerment. 

Walmart Store #5253 ~ $500.00 ~ Building HOPE

Walmart Store #6088 - $1,500.00- Building HOPE

Whole Foods ~ 1,642.00 ~ General Operating

Langley for Families ~ $2,500 ~ Let's Build HOPE Together

TC Energy - $6,000 ~ Let's Build HOPE Together

4 Imprint - $500.00 Product Grant for Youth Empowerment

2022 Grants Received - We appreciate our grantors!

Ross ~ In Kind Gift Cards

WaWa Foundation ~ 1,000.00

Walmart Store #1687 ~ $500.00

TC Energy ~ $10,000 

Community Knights ~ $2,000  

Kroger - $500.00 Gift Cards

Food Lion ~ $1,000 Gift Cards

Target ~ $50.00 Gift Card

Target ~ $50.00 Gift Card

Costco ~ $50.00 Gift Card

Costco ~ $500.00 Gift Card

Dominion Energy ~ $3,500

Walmart Store Hampton ~ $50.00 Gift Card 


Our Monthly Donors

Gwendolyn Burrell-Bennette

Dorothy Boone

Angela Major

Anissa Kearney-Rawles

Johnny & Teresa A. Lassiter

Evins & Tanesha James

Betty Copling

Gertie Rodgers